Avoid Springing up Problems!


Spring is right around the corner and with it will be problems you should be aware of. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks will be making their debut with the warmer weather. Keeping your pet covered with preventative medicines and having routine blood tests to make sure diseases are detected early are a good way to avoid problems or making them worse. We can help achieve this goal!


Mosquitoes are a nuisance to everyone and can carry nasty diseases like heartworm. Cats and dogs are both at risk of becoming infected with heartworms. Keeping your pets on a monthly preventative year round can help keep them from contracting them. Heartworms can be deadly in either species, but in cats since their heart is smaller, fewer worms can cause more damage quicker and consequently be more life threatening.  We offer Heartgard for both cats and dogs. Given monthly these can help prolong your pets life and keep them heartworm free. We also have a blood test that we can run in house that will tell if your pet has a heartworm infection. If a positive result comes back we can start treatments to get them back to normal, but it’s not a fun or easy time. Keeping preventative year round will help get us the negative results we want. We also have Bug Soother which is deet free and safe for people and pets!

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                Fleas are no fun to have around the house, they make our pets itchy and do have the potential to cause disease as well. Cats can get Feline Infectious Anemia, which can be lethal if left untreated as well. Anemia is a low blood count and can require possible blood transfusions. If the fleas are treated with monthly preventative, they shouldn’t be a problem. Revoultion for cats can help with fleas, and heartworms, but it doesn’t cover ticks. Frontline covers fleas and ticks. So depending on your felines needs, discussing with your veterinarian which preventative is right for you is a good place to start. Keeping fleas off our dogs is just as important. Many animals have flea allergies and can have dermatitis due to their bites. We offer Frontline or Nexgard for dogs which will cover both fleas and ticks.

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Ticks are going to be making their appearance as well soon. Keeping up on the Frontline or Nexgard will help keep them off.  Ticks can carry lyme disease as well as erlichia and anaplasmosis which can be transmitted to dogs and people. Early detection and removal of the tick will also help decrease disease transmission since most require a 24 hour attached duration. With our yearly heartyworm test we perform, it also checks for tick bourne diseases. Once diagnosed treatments can begin and get your pet back on track to a healthy life.



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